FULL CUSTOM BUILT E4OD TRANSMISSION fits 7.5L/460 V8 engine only


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Fully Custom Built Racer X USA Transmissions Feature: Hand built craftsmanship, internal proprietary custom modifications for durability under competition, extreme load and use conditions. Proprietary custom hydraulic circuits, Racer X USA exclusive proprietary parts and proprietary custom machining performed during rebuild. All proprietary custom modifications individually precision fitted with the finest craftsmanship for a fully custom built transmission of the finest quality. Much more than high performance clutches is needed during rebuild including custom modifications to build a high performance, high quality long lasting transmission. All Full Custom rebuilds have more clutch capacity than any clutch kit anywhere can offer! All internal components are dramatically strengthened beyond common replacements. Steel and other replacement components commonly mass marketed by others can’t come close to our custom proprietary improvements. All grey racerxusa copyrighted image Custom E4OD rebuilds also include: New solenoids, and The EagleRacer X USA Eagle series torque converter logo copyright 2010 full billet competition proven torque converter. Racer X USA is proud to be able to offer you the absolute finest!

Fully Custom built E4OD Transmissions for Ford Trucks, Vans and SUVS begin at $3950.00.

We ship nationwide at the lowest freight cost of any full custom re-builder in the U.S.A.

To quote a custom rebuild price: We will need your vehicle’s exact and specific details. Please provide the following information: Year make and model of the vehicle, engine size, VIN number, mileage, *all engine horsepower and any other modifications including transmission, suspension etc. that are currently installed or planned.* Also, list your tire size, axle ratio, 2 or 4 wheel drive, any lift kit or suspension modifications. For vehicles with larger injectors list the flow in CC’s and any nozzle modifications. For vehicles with aftermarket or modified turbos: list your turbo size, specs or turbo modifications. For lifted Trucks, Vans, and SUV’s : list how much lift has been added over stock. For all trucks and vans: Please list the vehicle model. Example: F-150, F-250, F-350, E-350 etc. For F-Series trucks also list your cab size: regular cab, extended cab, crew cab or cab and chassis. Also, please state your planned use of the vehicle: such as every day driver, heavy tow, or competition use. For competition use, list the type: sled pulling, drag racing, off road racing, or any other competition use. Please list any combined uses such as sled puller and daily driver etc. Also list how frequently it’s used for competition, such as full time, monthly, occasionally, infrequently.

Please list any other vehicle modifications not specified above.

Providing specific vehicle details is essential to ensure our customers receive the maximum performance and satisfaction our finest quality products deliver!

*A modified vehicle is a vehicle that has modifications that include any modification for increased engine horsepower or performance, any modification or device that changes transmission or powertrain performance, suspension height or performance, or other vehicle modifications that have been made for competition or off road use a stock vehicle wasn’t manufactured or warrantied for. Some examples are: any added chip, tuner, or other add on electronic device, add on or modified turbo or supercharger, larger fuel injectors, or any other means of increasing engine horsepower. Also add-on electronic modules such as shift and converter controllers or similar devices that modify engine or transmission performance.*

It’s very important you provide accurate and complete information about all vehicle modifications and all vehicle uses for an accurate quote on a Custom Rebuild that will suit all your needs and uses. One size does not fit all, CUSTOM is our business!

For a price quote: Please phone us at 702-274-7729 to provide all vehicle specific information requested above.