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The EAGLE TRIPLE DISC BILLET TORQUE CONVERTER for 4R100 E4OD transmissions equipped with Ford 6.8L & 7.5L gas engines.

The Eagle Torque Converter is an advancement in automotive technology. Our Eagle series converters increase an engine’s power-band. As throttle is applied, the Eagle converter’s super efficient design technology quickly transfers engine torque and horsepower output at a higher rate. Increased output continues beyond the peak rpm range of other converters. Built to handle extreme loads and stresses, the Eagle was designed to work with aftermarket or O.E.M. engine improvements for horsepower, fuel mileage and maximum towing performance.  High flow air intake systems, high flow exhaust systems, performance chips or tuners, larger fuel injectors, original or aftermarket turbochargers and superchargers are some of the engine performance improvements enhanced by our converter’s design technology. The Eagle series converter will also maximize power and efficiency of stock engines that are turbo or supercharged.  The Eagle enhances the performance of engines equipped with any of the above performance improvements. The Eagle is recommended for high performance use and the stresses of heavy towing.

Features: Fully redesigned proprietary components for vastly improved durability that prevents stress related failures common to OEM and aftermarket performance converters. Tough forged billet steel inside and out.  Made from the finest quality proprietary materials using state of the art technology.  Fully balanced component construction held to tolerances and accuracy levels other converters wish they had!  Accuracy that can’t be matched by competitors.  Highest quality heavy duty oversize long life triple disc lock-up clutch. The Eagle is a Racer X USA exclusive converter proudly made in U.S.A.

Specifications: Highest quality heavy duty oversize long life triple disc lock-up clutch made with premium materials.  Stall speed 1300-1500 rpm.  Customized stall speeds are available.

Five low quality discs will never outperform three premium discs. The Eagle’s finest quality heavy duty oversize long life triple disc lock-up clutch outperforms five disc converters made with lower quality materials.

Applications: Ford E4OD and 4R100 transmissions originally equipped with 6 stud torque converters (except Ford vehicles with engine swaps, please contact us for special applications). $899.99– plus shipping and refundable core charge*.  The cost for other brand name converters in the Eagle’s class are $1000-$1600.00!

When ordering please enter your vehicle’s VIN number, the exact model, your engine size, your model year and 2 or 4 wheel drive. Also, please specify the number of mounting studs or bolts used on the converter you’re replacing. In example: 1996 Ford F-350 with 7.3 Powerstroke diesel engine, 2 wheel drive, 6 studs.

Note: We make an Eagle series converter for many vehicles, model years and different transmissions equipped with gasoline or diesel engines.  Please see our other converter listings or contact us for assistance with your application.  We can set stall speeds on all Eagle series to your specifications for an additional fee.  Please phone us if you need this service.

*Refundable Core charge of $100.00 applies and is subject to change.  Core charges are accurate when listed and are subject to change before being updated on the website.