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This product is currently out of stock and on backorder.  Please check back again.  Thank you.  

THE ULTIMATE KIT FEATURES: Increased clutch surface and increased plate capacity up to 65%. All Ultimate kits add the maximum extra clutch capacity that can be added in kit form to E4OD transmissions. The Ultimate kit increases clutch pack capacity in 2 ways: First, Extra capacity is increased with Red Eagle® upgraded clutch components that outperform O.E.M. parts.  Second, our Ultimate Kit adds extra Red Eagle® clutches and extra Kolene® steels to 4 clutch packs in the E4OD transmission. Plus, the Ultimate kit includes our premium quality high temperature gasket, ring and seal set.  All Ultimate kits contain the finest quality materials for each model year and vehicle application. Each kit is made to fit the vehicle you specify when you order**.

Our premium kit materials outperform all other clutch kits we have tested and seen. Our kits include extras other kits don’t. Extras are model and year dependent. Extras include new feed bolts, spare check balls, accumulator and solenoid filters, connector sealing, exterior o-rings and seals, cooler bypass gaskets and model dependant new reusable pan gasket.

When comparing The Ultimate kit to other clutch kits: Other kits advertising red eagle clutches may not add any extra clutches at all or may only increase capacity in 1 clutch pack.  They may not include new kolene steels or any new steels. They may also contain low quality seals, rings and gaskets that are low priced but have a short life span. 

Some additional parts to consider: our Clutch Clearance kit for easy clearance adjustments, Red Eagle bandRacer X Custom Torque ConverterRacer X Custom Valve Body and transfer case gasket (4 wheel drive applications).

Ground shipping $28-$40 for most US-48 destinations. It’s heavy! Please read the notes ** below before ordering.

**Ultimate Kit parts are model dependent. Include vehicle model and year, engine size and 2 or 4 wheel drive in the comments area when ordering. Include transmission year and model if the transmission is not original. 

The E4OD That Can” transmission was built with a modified version of our ultimate kit and internal proprietary parts used exclusively in our rebuilds.  The E4OD is the first generation electronic automatic overdrive transmission.   We chose to make an early light duty E4OD hold extreme horsepower to demonstrate our rebuilding talents, skills and experience.  The E4OD that can is the transmission behind the Ford F-350 with 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel engine, custom made Twin Turbo chargers plus custom fuel system injecting 473 + cc’s of fuel and nitrous making over 800 rear wheel horsepower!  It’s POWERFLOW BY RACER X at it’s finest using our internal proprietary custom modifications for durability under competition, extreme load and use conditions.  Watch it on the video link below: