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This auxiliary high thermal efficiency external transmission cooler kit for Ford 5R110 transmissions is rated at 45,000 BTU, 40,000 GCVW ratings. BTU = British Thermal Units, BTU rating for coolers is the ISO/SAE method for measuring how efficiently heat is removed or transferred to air. For external oil to air coolers, we consider the ISO/SAE BTU rating (or how efficiently they remove heat to air flowing through and near the cooler) the most important factor for choosing a replacement or upgraded high performance cooler. BTU rating as the most important factor for choosing a cooler is based on ISO, SAE and our own test data. Test results show BTU rating is a more accurate method than a coolers physical size and GCVW (Gross Combined Weight) rating for a coolers efficiency as GCVW rating doesn’t consider air displacement and wind resistance, just empty weight of the trailer added to the weight of cargo in/on the trailer, plus the weight of the tow vehicle with any cargo, fuel and passengers its carrying. In example: towing an 8000 lb. trailer that’s enclosed (such as an RV, horse or enclosed cargo trailer) will require a higher BTU rated cooler than towing the same weight on a flatbed or open trailer will, as air displacement and wind resistance is fixed to an enclosed trailers width and length, while an open flatbed trailers wind resistance is limited to the area it’s cargo occupies, which is usually lower profile and allows air and wind to pass through. The physical size of a cooler needed to obtain a certain cooling efficiency depends on it’s design, round tube regardless of fluid flow direction or turns and straight down flow flue coolers are like older auto radiators, both are less efficient and require more space and larger overall length and width vs. thermally efficient cross flow design coolers, which cool more efficiently and require less overall space. Available overall space for cooling purposes is limited to a vehicles grille openings and any other front openings directing airflow through and across the cooler. We list the 40,000 lb. GCVW rating for this kit for reference and for those who are more familiar with the traditional GCVW rating used since the 1940’s for choosing a replacement or upgraded external auxiliary transmission cooler. Our 45000 BTU 40,000 GCVWR transmission cooler is more BTU efficient than Ford’s OEM 6.0L diesel transmission cooler is, requires less space for mounting, is a bolt in replacement including matching cooler line size, requires no cooler line adapters like the 6.0 cooler does to connect, is higher quality, has extras included, is an excellent upgrade and a superior value at a much lower cost. Our 45,000 BTU cooler kit for Ford 5R110 transmissions has a high quality thermally efficient cross flow external cooler and these kit extras: 4 feet of transmission fluid rated hose, galvanized metal mounting brackets, plated metal mounting hardware, stainless steel hose clamps and an assortment of line fittings and adapters for easy installation. Please note descriptions of this cooler kits extras were accurate at the time of listing, and are subject to change. None of our cooler kits will ever contain plastic zip ties for mounting, which are prone to breaking.

Applications: For all F and E series trucks, vans, and SUVs equipped with 4R100 transmissions, including cab & chassis F & E series as well as incomplete vehicles used for conversions.

Shipping $19.99 US/48 Please specify your vehicle’s model, year, engine size, and 2 or 4 wheel drive when ordering.

* Service Update: Replacement of the external transmission cooler is now mandatory when the transmission is rebuilt, replaced or has internal repairs performed. The cooler lines and in tank radiator transmission cooler must be flushed until clean with transmission cooler line flushing solution. This service update replaces the previous cooler service recommendations of flushing the external cooler, radiator cooler and cooler lines with flushing solution when any of the above service was performed. This service update replaced the previous cooler service recommendations because flushing of the external coolers small passages has proven to be ineffective at removing contaminants from the external cooler. Leftover contamination in the external cooler from a previous transmission failure, will cause repeated transmission failure(s) after the transmission has been rebuilt, replaced or has had internal repairs performed and is reinstalled in the vehicle. Repeat transmission failures have occurred until the contaminated cooler is removed, disposed of and replaced with a new cooler. Flushing of the cooler lines and radiator cooler themselves, remains a proven method at removing all contamination from these components only following transmission failure due to these components larger passage sizes.