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4R100 BONDED PISTONS – HIGH TEMPERATURE REPLACEMENT SET OF 3. Replace worn, cracked, brittle and leaking bonded pistons with new upgraded pistons. The only way to rebuild anything to new or better than new condition is to replace old worn parts. Install all 3 pistons to replace all old sealing surfaces in the 4R100 with better than oem new fresh sealing surfaces. These are often overlooked sealing surfaces by many “professional rebuilders” who should have replaced them, but either lack the knowledge, the special tools needed, are lazy or just cut corners to offer a lower price on a rebuild. If it has used wearable parts in it – it’s not completely rebuilt to new or better than new condition. Don’t let your rebuild be the same as a Remanufactured transmission is: New parts as needed only and used wearable parts including clutches and converter that have 40% or more of wearable surface remaining when compared to a new oem part. This set contains the 3 bonded seal pistons used in the 4R100: (1) Overdrive clutch apply piston, (1) Coast clutch apply piston and (1) servo piston for intermediate band apply.

**Important read:

This kit is for professional use. This is not a do it yourself kit. This kit contains

replacement Bonded Pistons that require OEM or equivalent aftermarket special service transmission tools to properly remove and install them.